Are you planning to relocate to Canada with your teenagers or want to send them there on a secondary school exchange program? Both provide options for your adolescent to thrive in a healthy and nurturing community while still receiving world-class schooling.

Why Attend a Canadian High School?

Canada has been dubbed the “education leader” by the BBC. Therefore, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of international students chose to attend high school in Canada each year. Canadian education is mostly concerned with providing equal access to all students.

In 2019, nearly 642,000 international students enrolled in the region, and this number continues to grow. International students are highly regarded in Canada, with both provincial and federal authorities actively recruiting students and facilitating them to reside in the country following graduation.

Modern and Innovative Classrooms

As students prepare to enter the job market, they must keep up with new expectations as technology advances rapidly. Information technology is important for students attending higher education and for many sectors.

Because of Canada’s well-funded public school system, students have access to cutting-edge educational technologies such as laptops, digital whiteboards, and data laboratories.

Internship Opportunities

Internships provide international students with real-world work experience to complement their education. Students can gain high school credit by engaging in job placement with these available possibilities.

The internship program is an ideal opportunity for students to learn about potential jobs, develop skills, and gain experience. Following that, students would be prepared to enter higher education or the workforce with the required qualifications and experience.

Highly-Qualified Teachers

Teachers in Canada are strictly supervised and must have appropriate credentials to teach. This shows that children can expect a consistent level of high-quality schooling.

About teachers, Canadian high schools have supportive school counselors to help students excel. Counselors, for example, can advise students with any learning difficulties and to provide career recommendations.

How Long is Canadian High School?

Since education in Canada is governed at the regional level, the number of years varies by province. Most provinces have a four-year high school education, from grade 9 to 12. Students normally graduate when they reach the age of 18.

Is Canadian High School Free?

While free public high schools are available for Canadian citizens, many require tuition fees for international students. Students are usually accountable for their own lunches and supplies while books and other items are provided.

Is There any Requirement For Foreign Students to Enrol in a Canadian High School?

Admittance to a Canadian high school is normally less difficult than enrolment to a university. Typically, students need to achieve a certain passing score. To enroll at a high school in Canada, international students must have at least an intermediate English language proficiency level.

Applications are often accepted without the need for an English language exam, although students may be asked to take one after receiving their acceptance invitation. If a student has a poor English standard, they will be expected to take ESL classes, which may be at an additional expense.

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