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Study Canada is one of Canada’s biggest and most reputable educational service providers. We are here to help international students and teachers find the right place to study and teach K-12 education here in the...
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""This scholarship program represents a great opportunity for any student and scholar from Latin America interested in learning more about Canadian culture and values, and for those willing to experience a high-level academic environment, in..."

Juan Carlos Mendez, Costa Rica

""Canada is home to world-class universities and facilities. My research interests are in animal-sediment interactions and how animal behaviour has evolved and modified sediments through time and, in turn, how this has driven the evolution..."

Dr. Nicholas J. Minter, United Kingdom

""This program has positively transformed me as a student. It has also transformed me as an individual and reinforced my sense of purpose in peace work and education, and my belief that we all have..."

Mavis Matenge, Botswana


Are you an international student or teacher studying or teaching K-12 in Canada? Do you want to tell us about your journey here? We would...