The Pacific Northwest National Resource Center (NRC) on Canada is pleased to provide K-12 teachers and students with a wealth of resources for learning about Canada.

K-12 STUDY CANADA is the outreach arm of the Pacific Northwest NRC and is jointly performed by the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University and the Canadian Studies Center at the University of Washington. Our NRC on Canada is one of seven other world region NRCs within the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

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New Resources for Teaching about Canada!

Outreach News - Canada in the Classroom

Click here to read about Michael Cawthra, a teacher associate of the STUDY CANADA program who travels from classroom to classroom to share exciting tales from different time periods and geographic areas of Canada.

Click here to read a letter from Dennis Rees, a K-12 STUDY CANADA Teacher Associate in Arizona.

Click here to learn about the K-12 STUDY CANADA "Archives on the Arctic: Connecting to Global Issues with Primary Sources" workshop held at Metropolitan State University of Denver (June 24-26). Grant support from the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Western Regional Center was appreciated.
To view lesson plans developed by educators from across the western US who participated, click here.

Click here to view lesson plans developed by educators who participated in the K-12 STUDY CANADA workshop "From Coal Trains to Classrooms: Cross-Border Trade, Energy & Environmental Issues in the PNW" on June 27 at North Seattle Community College. Support from the Canada-America Society of Washington was appreciated.

Click here to read about teacher, Diana Mackiewicz, STUDY CANADA 2012 participant, who was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities award to participate in the "Native Americans of New England, A Historical Overview" program.

Click here to see a listing of earlier articles from the Outreach News - Canada in the Classroom Archive.


SCSI Photo Gallery

STUDY CANADA Summer Institute News & Photo Gallery

Click here to read about the STUDY CANADA Summer Institute.
[March 19, 2014 - Westerntoday]
Click here to view pictures from the 2012 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute.

Quiz Your Classroom!

Windows to Canada 1*

Windows to Canada 2*

Canada Day Quiz - Click here to answer 20 questions on Canadian history and economics.

Canadian Icons Quiz (requires Flash Player) - Click here to see if you can recognize 10 famous Canadians.

*All 'Windows to Canada' artwork created by
Ms. Ritchie's class in 2012 - Sherborne, MA.


Gibney Letter

A Letter of Thanks to the
Pacific Northwest National Resource Center

A Washington state educator shares news of her participation in the 2010 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute and how her use of the K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise teacher loan-kit has enhanced Canadian content in her Grade 1 classroom. Click here to view the letter.


Canadian Flag

Why Study Canada? Consider these...

Peach Arch

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans

Click here to view the the video on YouTube

NBC's Tom Brokaw explores the close relationship between Canada and the U.S.A.

This brief segment originally aired on NBC on 2/12/2010, in conjunction with Opening Ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. It continues to be available on youtube but the links change as NBC has it removed for copyright reasons. If this link is no longer working, simply "google" the title and you will undoubtedly find a new but different link. It remains a highly popular video.


Page 2 of the O Canada! The True North Strong and Free! supplement

O Canada! The True North Strong and Free!

Click here to download

A Newspapers in Education supplement by Tina Storer,
K-12 STUDY CANADA at Western Washington University


New Resource Valise Photo Gallery

Resource Valise Photo Gallery

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Pictures from the classroom, a new photo gallery featuring the K-12 STUDY CANADA Resource Valise.


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